Clothing for males #4 by Anarchy-Cat

Clothing for males #4 by Anarchy-Cat

от: cable12it

  • 15-04-2015, 15:50


от: anarchy-cat

  • 15-04-2015, 16:35

cable12it Thank you =)

от: Felicity009

  • 27-04-2015, 07:21

Oh! Sexy! [:hotd:] [:supe:]

от: Лесенка

  • 13-01-2016, 14:06

Суперский наряд, давно искала что-то такое, беру себе [:xlop:]

от: Sugarpumpkin

  • 21-07-2018, 19:28

The pants do not work. Is the mesh missing. If so what mesh have you used for creating the pants Anarchy-Cat! Please let me know, I would so love to use this pants to my vamps and goths...

от: Sugarpumpkin

  • 21-07-2018, 19:33

And could I request Noogies gothic clothes for men, for sims2, converted to sims 3 and 4, if it is possible, thank you!

от: anarchy-cat

  • 21-07-2018, 21:29

Sugarpumpkin My work is currently on restoration. I will try to update in the near future.
What kind of work are we talking about? What exactly is needed to convert from Sims 2?

от: Sugarpumpkin

  • 22-07-2018, 13:45

anarchy-cat, I have always loved Nooogie666's goth clothing to sims 2. You can find his/hers work on Mod the sims. I particularly love, Oh My Goth "Collection", Gothic Wear V2 "collection" and Casual 2 Dark. I am not so interested in those rocker t-shirts of his/hers on Casual 2 dark, mostly in thous dark clothes in that collection. It would bee great if this could bee converted to sims 4 and sims 3 and available as causal wear, formal and party for sims 4 and as causal wear and formal wear for sims 3. You are allowed to convert them to sims 3 and 4 as long as you give Noogie666 credit for his/her work. And if you are unsure you can contact Noogie666 and ask. I asked him/her permission to use this clothes to fix to use on different body type on sims 2, and he/she said i was good to go as long as i give him/her credit for his/her work and not claim it as my own. :)

от: anarchy-cat

  • 22-07-2018, 15:35

Sugarpumpkin Convert to the Sims 3 I will not. I deleted the game.
Give references to those jobs that you need and I postorayus remake them for the Sims 4.

от: Sugarpumpkin

  • 31-07-2018, 01:36

Ok, anarchy-cat here are the links to noogie666 goth clothes that i would like to get converted to sims 4...

Oh My Goth
Gothic Wear V2
Causal 2 Dark
Not interested in the causal stuff, but the Dark Gothic Wear

And credits goes to noogie666 at mod the sims

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